Yervand Kalajian is a violinist like no other. He is a rare talent with the extraordinary ability to play a variety of musical styles with great virtuosity. Having been exclusively privately tutored and classically trained throughout his career, Yervand is a master violinist in the realms of Middle Eastern music and so much more. His rich sound is a perfect compliment whether playing an intricate classical piece, a romantic love song, lively hip-hop tracks, or delivering a heartfelt ballad. Yervand is a true international gem. Effortlessly and authentically he revitalizes ethnic genres such as Turkish, Armenian, Arabic, Greek, Persian, Russian, European and even familiar American ones, with his signature. He has performed on some of the world’s most prestigious stages including Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre, Kodak Theatre, The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, The Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, Shrine Auditorium, Greek Theatre, Hollywood Bowl, Scottish Rite Auditorium, LA’s historic Wilshire Ebell Theatre, and Armenia’s Hamalir to name a few. Yervand’s chemistry with the violin leaves audiences captivated, magnetized and craving for more. His deep passion is evident from each note played to the soulful movements throughout his body. His heart and hands sway to tell majestic stories and create beautiful music. Yervand has the innate ability to transform simple ballads to intricate art-forms while this violinist’s unique style enables improvised creativity immune of replication.
Yervand Kalajian was born on February 3, 1970 in the small Armenian village of Kirovakan. As a young boy, his artistic ability was first recognized at the age of six, by his mother’s watchful eye. Upon noticing her son’s keen auditory sense, Yervand was admitted to the local music school where he would later make the highest marks and strongest impression of all his peers. Little to his knowledge, Yervand’s partnership with the violin, would soon become a match made in heaven. Shortly after moving to America in 1981, Yervand began private violin lessons and found a comfortable fit at the Los Angeles Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra. Since his start at the Philharmonic in 1986, Yervand has maintained the position of 1st violin and soon after, that of Associate Concertmaster. Until this day, his artistic journey continues to grow and become brighter than ever imagined.